Why doesn't HMP Elements receive the call that I send it?

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When setting up a new system, you may test to make sure that HMP Elements can receive inbound calls. If this fails there are a few different items to check:


Router / Firewall

You may have an external router / firewall that is preventing the SIP packets from reaching their proper destination. You will want to set up port forwarding on your router. The configuration settings for this can be found using this link:

Voice Elements SIP Platform (formerly HMP Elements) - Router Configuration

Windows Firewall

By default Windows Firewall runs on all Windows Operating systems. This prevents packets from reaching their intended destination. We recommend opening up the necessary ports in Windows Firewall using the instructions located here:

Voice Elements SIP Platform (formerly HMP Elements) - Router Configuration#Grant HMP Elements access in Windows Firewall


Wireshark can be an invaluable tool in troubleshooting these issues. When you send a call to HMP Elements, you will want to make sure that those SIP packets reach their destination. Wireshark allows you to monitor those SIP packets. Use this link for a brief tutorial explaining how to use Wireshark:

Voice Elements SIP Platform (formerly HMP Elements) - Troubleshoot with Wireshark

Still have Trouble?

After checking your configuration settings, feel free to contact support@inventivelabs.com and make sure to include the HMPServer.log as well as any applicable wireshark traces.

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