What technologies and Dialogic hardware does Voice Elements support?

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In addition to the Microsoft .NET Framework, Voice Elements supports speech recognition, text-to-speech, faxing, Dialogic® TDM Hardware, and Dialogic® HMP software. See below for a list of supported Dialogic interfaces.

' Please NOTE: We no longer provide technical support for any Dialogic product.'

Dialogic Interfaces

The Voice Elements native Microsoft .NET telephony toolkit supports the following Dialogic hardware and software interfaces for both IP and TDM deployments.

Currently Available Boards and Interfaces

HMP Software: This includes media, call control (SIP only) and FAX

All DNI HMP Interface Boards

All J-Series Boards: This includes FAX and speech support.

All DM/V & DM/F boards: This includes fax, conference and speech.

D/4PCIU4S and D/4PCIUF: Analog interface boards.

D42JCT and D82JCT: PBX integration boards.

All DISI and HDSI: Station and interface boards.

DI/0408-LS: Combination switching boards.

Discontinued (but Supported)

D/240SC-T1 (also D/480SC-2T1)

All MSI Station Boards

DCB Conferencing Boards

D/41E Analog Boards

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