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Combining our .NET voice application toolkit, Voice Elements®, with our own SIP stack platform, the Voice Elements Platform is a compelling VoIP development and deployment environment.

Running your telephony application via VoIP in an all-software server means serious cost savings. Voice Elements Platform maintains the highest call progress analysis (CPA) accuracy in the industry, offering users frustrated with competing products a reliable and powerful platform to perform outbound applications.

Support for Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Server 2008 and Virtual Machines is already included.

Voice Elements Platform is bundled with our Voice Elements Toolkit, combining a robust development tool with a powerful SIP platform all in one product. One license is all you need to develop and deploy.

Choose your favorite Visual Studio language, build any voice application, then deploy on site with VE Platform and SIP or in the cloud using our various Hosted Services.


Capitalize on your .NET talent, increase margin on your solutions, and maintain control with a complete platform created just for voice application developers. You have a unique challenge and our tools are tailor-made to make your work easier and more profitable.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to test drive Voice Elements today!


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