Setting up the Linksys SPA2102 with STUN / REGISTRATION to talk with Border Elements

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Look ma – no firewall settings

SETTING UP LINKSYS SPA2102 with STUN / REGISTRATION talking to Border Elements

  1. From the phone press **** then 73738# then 1 – this will do a factory Reset
  2. Connect to the Ethernet port and connect with
  3. Lower Left – Click Admin Login, click advanced
  4. [Voice / SIP] under NAT Support Parameters
    1. Insert VIA rport: Yes
    2. STUN Enable: Yes
    3. STUN Server:
  5. [Voice / LINE1] under NAT Settings
    1. NAT Mapping Enable: Yes
    2. NAT Keep Alive Enable: Yes
  6. [Voice / LINE1] under Proxy and Registration
    1. Proxy:
    2. Register: Yes
  7. [Voice / LINE1] under Subscriber Information
    1. Display Name: Your Name
    2. User ID: Your phone number
    3. Password: Your registration password
  8. Make sure Border Elements tables are set up
    1. Account table
      1. SipUserName that matches your phone number
      2. SipPassword that is your registration password
      3. RegisteredAuthenticationId set to authentication record (see authenticationId 230 for an example. HandleRTP only need to be true if you are dialing your same IP

See screenshots below:



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