Installing Dialogic HMP with X-Lite Softphone

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1) Download and install the Dialogic HMP system. Watch for an error message about an APIC timer. If you get that you are hosed – stop. Here is the link. [1] Install the latest Service Update for HMP Release 3.0 for Windows.

2) Once downloaded and installed. Run the configuration manager – DCM. Click on the green arrow. HMP should turn green if it started correctly. If it doesn't – stop

3) Download the CTI32 Demo from the link here: [2] Get the version for Visual Studio 2005

4) Once installed – run the CTI32 Configuration Utility – click on Reconfigure Boards button on the top toolbar

  • Click Yes
  • Click "Using HMP, No Physical Board Present
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish Section
  • Press Save button on top toolbar
  • Press "Start Service"

5) Wait for about 30 seconds – the Status should say "Running". Press the button on the 2nd toolbar called "View CTI32Engine.Log" – the last line in the log should be "Waiting for call" if everything is working right. If you get an error – stop.

6) At this point the system is running, but you need a way to make a phone call. We will use the X-Lite Softphone which is free. Download and install it from here: [3] Get the Top link "Download X-Lite 3.0 for Windows

7) Use these instructions to set up X-Lite: [4] - goto page 44

8) Try to make a phone call

9) Read all the files in the Documentation folder \program files\cti32\documentation

10) Load up the VS2005 and open the solution in \program files\cti32\samples\cSharpSamples\CsharpSamples.sln

11) Start with InboundIVR.cs – this is the sample that is running

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