How to Change from English to Spanish TTS

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You are in charge in opening the correct VAP file before calling the PlayNumber functions. By default the Engine automatically opens the VAP file specified in CTI32Config each time a new call comes in.

If you wanted to change VAP files on the fly, you could do something like this:

//Close the existing open VAP File
if(lineData.vapHandle >= 0) 
      log.Write("{0}: Closing VAP FH:{1}",lineData.port,lineData.vapHandle);
//Open new Spanish.VAP
string vapFileName=”Spanish.VAP”;  //You may need full path
if(vapFileName.Length > 0) 
      lineData.vapHandle=cti.FileOpen(vapFileName,cti.FileFlags.O_BINARY | cti.FileFlags.O_RDONLY);
      log.Write("{0}: Opened VAP file: {1}",lineData.port,vapFileName);
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