How do I Install or Troubleshoot a Dialogic DNI board?

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Installing a DNI board

Before ordering a DNI board, please make sure that you have enough room for the DNI board (full length / full height). Depending on the density of the board (Single, Dual, Quad , or Octal span), make sure that you have enough width for the card. You must specify either a universal PCI (PCI-X) (DNI300, 601, 1200) or a PCI-E board (DNI310, 610, 1210, 2410).

The PCI-E DNI boards require power of 25 watts. This means that you will need to install the board in a PCI Express x4 or above slot.

Recently, we have noticed that newer servers implement a type of power budgeting that does not give the Dialogic boards enough power. When installing the board, make sure to change the power jumper settings from 2-3 (default which allows the system to manage power budgeting), to 1-2 (ignore the system’s power budgeting). (This only applies to a PCI-E board)

Troubleshooting the Installation

The board is not detected by Dialogic (DCM) Do not try to manually detect the Dialogic board as this does not work reliably. These are the most common items to check on:

  • Make sure that both PAE/DEP are disabled in the boot.ini file. If you are unsure if you have PAE/DEP enabled, please refer to this link: [[1]]
  • Try removing the device and re-installing the device from the device manager.
  • For PCI-E: Check the power settings on the board. Dialogic boards require 25 watts of power to run, this means that Dialogic boards can only run in PCI Express x4 slots and above. Also, some systems limit the amount of power that PCI Express slots used, this can prevent the Dialogic board from getting enough power to function properly. In order to manually override the power settings, you can change the power jumper from pins 2-3, to pins 1-2 (PCI-E only). This will cause the board to ignore the power budgeting settings of the system. Please refer to the documentation in this link: [[2]]

The license does not activate

Whenever you are activating a Dialogic license, make sure that you have entered the correct Serial Number into Dialogic’s licensing web page, or the correct MAC address for Boardless installations.

When activating your Dialogic License, you need to make sure that the WebClient service is running. To do this go to: Start > Run > services.msc.

This will pull up the Windows Services configuration tool. Look for the Service Name “WebClient”. Make sure that is running (In the status description it should say "started").

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