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Welcome to the CTI32.NET Support Page

When our support staff finds solutions for our user base, we will put it here on our support site. We have assisted hundreds of users with helpful hints, bug fixes, and solutions. Usually we communicate over e-mail to our users. When we have an email that we send that may be useful to someone else, we will quickly paste it here in the wiki for you to search on and find.


Main Topics

Release Notes For CTI32

CTI32 Release Notes - Notes For Current and Past CTI32 Releases

Beta Modules For V4.7 - Notes on whats coming, and information on the current beta modules.

Voice Elements

Voice Elements - Click Here for the Voice Elements Page

Recent Topics

CTISetStdCspCallBack - Information on setting the CSP callback routine.

Concurrent CTI32 Engines - Information on how to install multiple instaces of the CTI32 Engine

RTF Logging 101 - Information on how to setup the underlying Dialogic logging mechanism

IPMEV_QOS_ALARM - Understanding this event

Understanding the CTI32 Service - A brief overview of how the CTI32 service works

How to use an interactive debugger with CTI32 - Explains how to attach your debugger

How To Configure LumenVox with CTI32

When Dialogic Can't Resolve your Domain Name (FQDN)

CSP Topics

CSP Voice Formats - Information on CSP Voice Formats

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